Mohammad Alderjam

Partner - Board Member

Mr. Derjem Architect advisory, member of the Saudi Council of Engineers, has experience exceeds twenty-year-old including Investment Management started from the design and preparation of specifications, quantities and preparation of the necessary processing documents and contracts for projects and also has considerable experience in overseeing the implementation of projects and the management supervision in several regions of Saudi Arabia for the projects of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation.

A proven track record of working out ,the most important achievements of Mr. Derjem has overseeing and managing supervision team for more than (17) seventy projects of different sizes, where he was responsible for the management Military Works in the northern region, northwest area and Riyadh area for more than 14 years, where he turned to the investment field in the private sector such as Real Estate Investment and development of investment projects after service 18 years in project management.

Mr. Derjem holds a Bachelor of Architecture from King Saud University, has served on many of the Board's committees facilitating strategic planning sessions, and consulting on association management.